Thesis Project 02: Narrow Down To Two Topics

Topic A: Build a better online musical instrument community for non-musician adults with musical instrument skills.

Benefit to users: Users can get a better sense of achievement, a good means of expression, make more friends, and level up their musical instrument skills.

Why? Playing musical instruments is relaxing, brings people happiness, and is a social opportunity.

Further Research

  • 45.3 million non-musician adults with musical instrument skills in the U.S.
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Market Landscape

Topic B: Help elderly people better organize and manage their home storage space.

Benefit to users: Elderly people can quickly find and organize all their items.

Why? Empower them to manage their life independently without hassles.

  • According to the Los Angeles Times, the average American home contains 300,000 items.

Written by

Product/UX Designer | SVA IxD 21' | UX Design Intern at Logitech

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