Thesis Project 04: A Summary Of The Current Research

Context & Topic

User Research

The User Needs

  • The majority of intermediate instrument players expect this hobby as a way to enrich their social life.
  • Most amateur musicians expressed the willingness or thought to play the instrument with other amateur musicians, to make friends, have fun together, and get a sense of achievement in their social life.

The problems

  • 🎹🎻🥁🎸find other amateur musicians with diverse musical instrument skills but a similar level.
  • 🌏🎭gather together to practice and play for fun because of the busyness and physical location limit.
  • 🎼find a suitable musical score that matches each player’s instrument type and level.

As a result: Why the problems are worth to be solved

Competitive Research

1/Competitors that help amateur musicians find and make friends with other amateur musicians.

  • Tabs, a community platform specifically for amateur musicians, featured in providing diverse musical scores.
  • BandFriend, a community platform specifically for musicians, featured in helping create bands or jams.
  • Facebook, the world’s largest universal community platform.

2/Competitors that facilitate co-play.

  • Zoom, a videotelephony and online chat platform that can be potentially used for online live distance co-play performance.
  • Gigtown, a platform connecting professional artists, venues, and fans for facilitating offline gig process.
  • Tiktok & Youtube, top universal video sharing platforms where musicians share their co-play clips to reach out and interact with more audiences.

3/Competitors that provide flexible musical score services for co-players.

  • Musescore, one of the largest online musical score library, featured in providing an on-demand flexible musical score service through connecting composers and musicians.

Tech Research

  • AI can be applied as the on-demand musical score transcriber, which can instantly generate the co-play musical score that can match each player’s instrument type and level. (Available now in labs, expected ready-for-market within 3 years)
  • 5G and High-speed internet connection infrastructure perfectly solve the connectivity delay issue for simultaneously online co-play activity. (Commercial available now, expected to mass-coverage globally within 3-5 years)

Design Goal/Value Proposition

Experience Principles

  • 👋Easy & Simple & Casual.
  • 🎭🎉👏Engaging, with gig vibes.
  • 👍🎥Sharable & Memorable.



UX Designer at EY Design Studio | SVA IxD 21' | Designed at Logitech Gaming and Neo4j

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Frank Gong

UX Designer at EY Design Studio | SVA IxD 21' | Designed at Logitech Gaming and Neo4j